Tuesday, September 27, 2022

22 guns, thousands of bullets missing after Kapedo massacre

Some 22 rifles and thousands of bullets belonging to the slain police officers of the Kapedo attack cannot be traced.
Apart from the rifles, two General Purpose Machine Guns (GPMG) and more than 1,000 bullets have not been recovered. Police in the area said the weapons were stolen by the raiders who killed the officers on Friday afternoon in a trap in Kasarani area near Kapedo.
This increases to almost 30, and thousands of bullets in the hands of the attackers for now. Last Saturday three General Service Unit officers were killed in the area and their weapons together with 400 bullets stolen. “We now fear they are ready for a serious combat if we try to get to where they are.
They could be in Kenya or Uganda,” said a senior informed officer who added the issue was being handled casually.

The 22 police officers and three civilians were killed Friday afternoon when they went to visit a scene of an earlier attack to recover a wreckage of a burnt vehicle.
Meanwhile, on Sunday, President flew to Kapedo where he gave area residents an ultimatum to surrender guns or face unexplained consequences.

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