Are you aware that a big watermelon can cost 500? The demand for watermelon is present in many towns in Uganda.  Smart middlemen are exporting them to Kenya and South Sudan for better prices. If you can be a regular supplier of melons, many hotels and restaurants in Kampala are ready to welcome you. You can make 1,238,000 in three months from just growing two acres of these simple creepers. The estimated capital requirement is 77,800. “When buyers find me in my garden, a small melon goes for less than a dollar while a big one goes for 100,” an experienced farmer says.


Pumpkins rarely miss on the menu in almost all hotels and restaurants you know in Kampala. But what’s surprising, you rarely come across a garden of pumpkins. This is a “virgin” area awaiting exploitation.  A single plant of pumpkin can produce over 100 pumpkins.  It is advisable to buy a pumpkin with a hard shell from markets and get out seeds to plant. An acre accommodates 784 holes. Each plant will produce between 10-30 pumpkins. The least price a pumpkin sells on the garden is 40.  Considering 10 as the average, this translates into 300,000 with an investment capital of about 15,000.

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  1. Good article about farming and making money through farming. But as per your calculations, are this prices for Uganda or Kenya? The article mostly focuses on Kampala…?

  2. Am a resident of Garsen Constituency.
    Am looking for an interested partner to invest in agri-business along river tana. There is plenty of idle land ideal for irrigation.
    Please contact me on this no. 0724582740

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