Passion fruits:

An acre requires 600-800 plants. Planting materials cost 10 and 40 for unspotted and potted ones respectively. Currently, a bag of local purple is selling at 15,000 in local markets while the Kawanda type is selling 10,000. In a well-managed acre, Kigoye, an expert, says a farmer can collect two to four bags of fruits a week for a period of 12 months for the two seasons. Taking two bags as the average, it translates into 96 bags of harvested passion fruit. And, taking 6,000 as the average price per bag, a farmer would earn 557,000 but when prices go up to 15,000 during scarcity a farmer will pocket 150,000.


Sauce without tomatoes is not sauce to day! Even if it’s not fresh tomatoes, at least tomato sauce extracted from tomatoes will be applied. There are testimonies of people who are rich because of tomatoes.  To get maximum yield, one needs to be near a source of water like a river so as to grow tomatoes even in dry season, when the prices shoot up. If you don’t have land near Kampala, don’t worry because you can rent it at affordable rates. You just need to get a few tips from successful farmers and experts to kick start your poverty eradication campaign by growing tomatoes. With an investment capital of 46,000 you can earn about 190,000  if you sold at the lowest price.


  1. Good article about farming and making money through farming. But as per your calculations, are this prices for Uganda or Kenya? The article mostly focuses on Kampala…?

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