Errand Service

Urbanization has made people busier than ever. Between working long hours, cooking more at home and juggling responsibilities, there’s a lot that gets left undone. A service that runs errands (including dropping off dry cleaning, paying bills, shopping etc.) requires just a cell phone. Start small, do a good job and word of mouth will spread quickly.

Services such as renewal of driving licenses, business permits, collecting and paying bills, shopping, passport applications etc require a lot of patience and time. With majority of people busy and cannot stand in queues for hours, you can offer to do these on their behalf, at a fee of course. Pitch your idea to those who need the service and do a good job. In no time, word will spread about your timely and efficient service.

This business idea requires high level of trust because some documents are very valuable. You can start with close friends and family to demonstrate and develop trust.

Errand service can be profitable if you work smart. Try and make friends with officers in government offices such as Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Huduma Centres, Sheria House, Kenya Power etc. This will help you offer speedy service.


If you are good in a certain subject or area, you can offer to teach others at a fee. Many people are willing to pay to learn talents such as music, piano, drawing, singing, hairdressing etc. If you are talented in any of these areas, you can make money by teaching others.

The beauty with this business idea is that you don’t need to set up and pay for a location or room. You can visit the client in their homes or offices to teach them. Your operating costs will therefore be minimal.

Event Organization

Events such as parties or meetings require a great deal of time and effort to plan and organize. You can offer to plan and organize such events at a fee. Look out for parents with birthday parties for their kids, couples planning to wed, churches with fundraisers or special events, companies and organizations with business events such as product launches, parties, meetings etc. Approach them and offer to take off their headache of planning and organizing such events at a fee. If it is a company or organization, you will need to have a thorough knowledge of their activities, products, market and other details.

Marketing your services will be your key task in event organization business. Look for ways to advertise your event organization skills and network through family and friends. If you do a good job, word of mouth advertising will bring clients your way, therefore, strive to excel.

The above 9 business ideas can easily be set up with Sh20,000 or even less depending on your set up. If you do not have access to a large capital base, I would recommend that you consider some of these ideas. There are many more such business ideas out there.

Please comment with any other idea out there that you can think of :-).


  1. thanks for those ideas…those are some of the best business opportunities to venture in with a small amount of capital….

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  3. selling eggs and sausages can be a viable idea to start with,by the way this does not require huge capital with just 2000 you are good to go.

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