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Daniel Adongo: Kenyan star who fell from millions to drugs, homelessness in US

The United States of America is the land of milk and honey. It is the birthplace of opportunities. Almost everyone in this world, and more so in Africa, dreams of moving to the US. Of the lucky few who have managed to immigrate to the US, some have managed to make their American dreams come true.

Others have seen both ends of the American life: riches and misery. For it is not strange to be rich one moment and broke and homeless the very next moment. One of the unfortunate ones whose star glittered then dimmed is Kenyan Daniel Adongo.

Adongo was Kenya’s history maker. He was the first Kenyan to play in America’s National Football League (NFL). This gave him fame and money. He was what every young Kenyan lad would have dreamed of.

Then misery struck. In 2020, Kenyans were shocked when photos of Adongo leaked. Unlike the well-built and lad star they were used to, the photos portrayed a man whose life had taken a very bad turn.

Reports said that he had gone homeless, and was into drugs in the United States. Reportedly, the former star was living what could only be described as a miserable life after allegedly blowing multi-million contracts in the US.

Daniel Adongo: Kenyan star who fell from millions to drugs, homelessness in US

A video of the man who at one point had a lucrative Sh. 200 million deal with NFL’s Indianapolis Colts showed the man in a destitute state. The video was posted by the then popular blogger Robert Alai now Member of County Assembly for Kileleshwa Ward.

Daniel Adongo

Apparently, his troubles were compounded by accusations of domestic violence. He had been put under criminal investigation for domestic violence five years earlier.

“Consequently, the incident cost the linebacker playing time, leading his team (Colts) to waive him one week after the second police call on December 10, 2015,  and ruled out of the match against Jacksonville,” a report said.

The police report had further said that a woman had told them that she was afraid of Adongo and did not want him to return to his residence but “was not forthcoming with any information in reference to these incidents.”

Daniel Adongo

She had reortedly indicated that arguments had occurred over the past several months in 2015. Adongo went to the Fishers Police Department while officers were speaking with the woman and said he would not stay at the home that evening and was going to end the relationship, according to the police report.

On December 10, 2015 police returned to the home after Dawn Monks, who said she was a friend of the woman, told them she had received text messages from the woman reading “911” and “Help.”

Monks told police that Adongo had previously kicked open the bathroom door, grabbed the woman by the throat and held her underwater in the bathtub, according to the report.

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She said Adongo had previously punched multiple holes in the walls and damaged appliances, the woman’s car, furniture and cell phones.

Before making the mega deal to NFL, Adongo played either as a lock or a flanker, and last played Super Rugby for the Southern Kings in the 2013 Super Rugby season.

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