Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Dare to be different and own your fate

Chris Hart: How do you find a sense of direction in our uncertain world?

It doesn’t just happen, like in the movies. You have to find your own – and it’s not taught in school.

So what do you have to do? Well, essentially, be different!

Like buying when everyone else is selling and selling when everyone wants to buy.

You need to evaluate everything. Especially things everyone seems to agree on! Like how every expert says you must buy the biggest house you can.

But they’re all making money out of the housing market! So maybe their advice is benefiting them more than you…

Be grateful for what you have rather than always wanting something more. Always optimistic.

And never compare yourself to others – like on Facebook. Where heavy users are significantly less happy than non-users.

Instead, focus on your own development and choose your own destiny.

Live in the moment, and be so focused on what you’re doing that nothing distracts you. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Drive slower, and don’t try to do everything all at once.

Be committed to your goals, get up early, eat wisely, take exercise, and learn to meditate or pray. Recognise that life’s bigger than any of us.

Be kind and forgiving. And remember that the happiest people are the ones with the deepest, most meaningful relationships. They even live longer.

You’ll also be happier if you get married, so long as you choose your partner carefully – and make time for your love life!

OK, you’ll often be tired, but always be pleased when your spouse snuggles up to you. Be completely honest with each other – and easy to live with! Accept that you won’t always see things the same way and avoid bickering.

Work so hard at what you love doing that you get to be amazing at it. Because once word gets around you’ll always be in demand.

Time is more valuable than money, so prioritise time over income and only do what you enjoy. Better yet, turn what you love doing into your profession.

Make sure your income always exceeds your expenditure, live modestly, in a smaller house, spending less, saving more, and owning little. Keep your savings liquid, and don’t borrow except for profitable ventures.

Only go to college to study something you’re truly passionate about, so that your studies are a joy. And don’t feel you have to go at all if you have a better idea!

Earn money part time while you’re there. You’ll develop a brilliant work ethic – and a great CV – and be the one who gets the best jobs! Because your life’s already full of achievement by the time you graduate.

Above all, accept yourself the way you are and appreciate the really important things in your life – like the people who love you. And you’ll be happy, no matter what your bank balance.

Because happiness isn’t about pleasure, or possessions. It’s about understanding what’s really important in your life.

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