The food industry is one of the largest and fast growing in our economy. Not only has it been a provider of our daily bread,  but also a fertile ground to invest in. The industry is revolutionalizing, bringing your favorite african delicacies right outside your door. Small food joints are really picking up and doing so well in terms of returns. Anyone with a desire to run a big hotel someday can start making money through these joints. Entrepreneurs have decided to think outside thechipo kuku quarter and chicken’ boxand bringing in signature meals that hold a high status in the african community.

Street food entrepreneurs have preffered selling fries, smokies, samosa, maandazis to their customers because these products are easy to prepare and they have a ready market. They are comfortable with the fixed returns, and are reluctant to try their hands in complex meals like chapati. Yet selling chapo mwitu could earn them triple their normal profits without struggling. Preparing chapo mwitu requires expertise and quality chapo mwitu sell like prime land.  Lets do the Maths.


2Kg Wheat floor – 90

Frying pan- 150

cooking oil – 150

A jiko-250


Others- 200

Basically 1000 bob is enough to get you the the basics. Suppose 2 kg wheat floor gives 32 chapo mwitu and each goes for 10 shillings and you sell 30 in the morning, total returns  will amount to 300. If you plough back 180 in the business to buy more floor and make 64 chapomwitu  you can sell in the evening. Bearing in mind that most people returning from work  love buying foodstuffs in the eveniing, you have a sure bet of the sales. If you sell 60, you make 600 that evenin you go home with 780.

With quality chapo mwitu, a strstegic location probably somewnere along the road and loyal customers, you are able to buy a whole 10 2 kg wheat floor at a retail price  worth 700. By the end of the week, you have generated a revenue worth 3200. Minus the profits that have to be ploughed back and the other small xpenses you pocket 2000 on a bad week   and 6000 on a good week. By the end of the month you go home with 25000 profits and a business that is still running. Sourcing for tenders from public institution around your area, taking advantages of public events, you meke more chapo mwitu make around 50000 to 80000 a month. With such profits you can expand, diversify and create emoployment for the young people around you.The workload  will be overwhelming, but the returns will definitely be worth the while.

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