5. Branch

Branch App is a bank in your pocket. You can access it anywhere and anytime. Branch uses technology to provide credit facilities to the users.

Branch Loan Kenya makes it easy for anyone to access credit in Kenya. All you need is to download Branch App, complete the application and receive your loan straight to your mobile money account.

Branch is convenient, fast and reliable in offering instant mobile loans in Kenya.

It provides support to its users 24 hours a day, you can send them a  message within the app and receive an answer in minutes.

Branch App Download (Updated 2019)

6. Zidisha

Zidisha is an international lending community that offers responsible, achieving people a chance to raise loans directly from ordinary people across the globe.

It’s an online microlending community that directly connects lenders and entrepreneurs. It bypasses the expensive local banks and intermediaries that charge very high-interest rates and offer a person-to-person platform that enables lenders and entrepreneurs communicate openly and instantly.

Why Use Zidisha?

Its open to everyone: Collateral assets, bank account, guarantors, or salaried job to raise a loan are not required.
The fee charges are very affordable, each loan attracts 5% service fee.
The repayment terms are flexible: one chooses their own weekly repayment schedule.

Loans are funded by other Zidisha members.

7. Utunzi App

Utunzi App enables you to access unsecured personal loans in Kenya through your mobile. This Kenya money App: Utunzi mobile loan app enables you to access finance at any time and anywhere in Kenya.

The app is fast and easy to use. You will get quick loan approval decision.

8. Chapeo Capital

Chapeo capital provides short-term credit solutions, payroll processing functionalities, employee advances, and bill payment options at the convenience of one’s workstation via the mobile phones.

The interests on the borrowers who are using the app to get money are very minimal. At times you might need some quick money. The best places to turn to for a money loan are Kenya mobile loans App and Chapeo capital being one of Kenya loans Apps to get a loan in Kenya.

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