Tala App Download, Registration and Loan Application (Updated 2019)

Tala App Download: The Tala Mobile Loan App is one of the most popular apps in Kenya. Many people, though, do not know how they can access loans on Tala. Here is a breakdown:

How to use Tala

Before you can apply for loans from Tala, you must download the Tala loan app and register as a customer. You’ll need your Safaricom number to proceed.

How to download Tala loan app

Follow the following steps to download and install the Tala loan app on your mobile phone:

  1. If on android phone, visit The Google Play Store
  2. Check the reviews, you will see all the good reviews about this App.
  3. Download the App and it will install on your phone automatically. You are now ready to start using Tala Loan App.

How to register on Tala app

  1. Once you complete the download, open the app and you will be asked to Link your mobile number.
  2. The number will be verified and will register you automatically
  3. Tala will check for information about you on your phone. This information is from your SMS to see how you transact M-Pesa, your income, and other information. It also uses your CRB Status to determine your credit score.
  4. You are registered and now have a Tala account.

How to repay Tala loan via MPesa (Updated 2019)

After registration, the app will collect some data in your mobile device which among other information will be used to calculate your credit worthiness and come up with a loan limit and interest rate for you.

How to borrow from Tala App

  • Open the app
  • Login with your Tala PIN
  • Select Apply
  • Fill in the few details required
  • You’ll get a loan limit
  • Select the amount you wish to borrow
  • Select the duration of the loan before repayment
  • Accept Terms and Submit
  • Money will be sent immediately  to your Mpesa number which you registered with on Tala App.

How to Repay Tala loan

When repaying, always remember the account number is your phone number and Tala paybill number is 851900.

Tala Loan Features

  • Loan is disbursed within minutes to your Mpesa account
  • Maximum loan amount one can qualify for is Ksh. 50,000
  • Interest rate is flexible and depends on customer credit score
  • Repayment duration depends on the amount borrowed. It can be due within a week or a month.

Click here to learn more about Tala Loans

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