Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Uhuru expected in Kapedo killing field after massacre of 22 GSU officers

President Uhuru is expected in Kapedo area , Turkana County this morning following insecurity that has so far claimed lives of over 20 policemen and several civilians. Bandits on Friday laid ambush and massacred 21 APs in Kapedo.
The incident happened at an area hit by the on-going wave of insecurity at the Kapedo border point between Baringo County and Turkana.

Government sources said the officers and the three employees of Toyota Kenya were heading to Kapedo when the bandits ambushed them at Kasarani area along Kapedo-Lokori road in Turkana East Constituency. The team on a rescue mission had Regular and Administration Police officers and Kenya Police Reservists.

Local leaders from the scene counted 22 paramilitary GSU officers who perished but police in Nairobi said only eight officers and 22 police reservists were killed in an ambush at Kapedo.

Police confirmed that 17 GSU officers were missing after the attack by bandits in the volatile region, adding that the GSU officers were in a lorry headed to a scene where their three colleagues were killed last Saturday when they were ambushed by the gunmen.

On Saturday, police scrambled helicopters to track the attackers, who were believed to still be hiding in the area.

On October 25, three GSU officers and two civilians were killed in an ambush. Officers in two lorries were dispatched to pacify the area and recover the vehicle after the previous attack on their colleagues. But they were also ambushed.

Sources indicated that a contingent of Kenya Defence Forces has already been deployed to the border area.

The attack came barely a week after the government rolled out a massive disarmament operation to seize illegal firearms from herders in Turkana and Baringo counties.

Tension is still building up along the border, with villages such as Kapedo and Lomelo remaining inaccessible by road due to highway attacks.


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