Most profitable crops to grow in Kenya: Everyone likes making smart quick money, Right?  Now if you’ve passion for farming but with limited capital and land, the crops listed below have been tested over time and have to be proved quick money makers. Giving them a try will definitely leave a land mark in your life as the returns are overwhelming.

Most profitable crops to grow in Kenya


Cabbages too have unending demand in towns.  Two acres of well managed cabbages, in any East African capital can earn you about 580,000 with investment capital of about 77,800.  You’ll need an experienced farmer to give you more information on how to go about it.


Planting onions is simple as planting beans but the returns are huge. Normally, a kilo of Bombay variety, one of the best varieties, costs100 and 300 when prices are lower and higher respectively. According to research, an acre can give you 4000kgs and taking the lowest price (100), this will earn you 390,000 yet with less than 39,000 invested capital. The market for onions locally and internationally is ever available.

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  1. Good article about farming and making money through farming. But as per your calculations, are this prices for Uganda or Kenya? The article mostly focuses on Kampala…?

  2. Am a resident of Garsen Constituency.
    Am looking for an interested partner to invest in agri-business along river tana. There is plenty of idle land ideal for irrigation.
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