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Bizna Kenya (http://biznakenya.com) is the Best Business Blog in Kenya (BAKE 2016) and was nominated for the Biz Yangu Social Media Awards (SoMA 2016). Bizna is a business portal that provides Marketing and Enterprise Development solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Bizna empowers businesses to:

  • Create awareness about their products and services.
  • Market products and services to a wide range of clients.
  • Client engagement through social media and mobile solutions.
  • Link with other businesses, suppliers and key business resources.

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The service is delivered through the following channels:


This is an inspirational and informative business blog for aspiring and practising entrepreneurs. Content is delivered in a brief and easy-to-read format that will keep readers engaged.

Entrepreneurs and business managers have an opportunity to share their stories to encourage, inspire and challenge others in the entrepreneurship journey.

Bizna Kenya Demographics: Overview
Bizna Kenya Demographics: Overview

Business and Career Profiles

Businesses, professionals and technicians have an opportunity to share their profiles outlining their areas of competence and/or specialization in detail. This service links the business, professional or technician to the exact target market in need of their services.

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Online Business and Career Listing

This is a live database of businesses, professionals and technicians in Kenya to make it easy for clients to find products and services at their convenience. The listing categories include individual, Micro Enterprises, Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, and Corporates. Upon searching, a potential client gets a list of many providers for the products/services they seek.

Bizna Kenya Audience Overview
Bizna Kenya Audience Overview

Social Media

Posts and directory listings are shared on social media viz: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This increases the reach and create opportunities for the businesses to engage the target audience. Live links of listed businesses are embedded to make it easy for prospective clients to contact the business directly.

Bizna Kenya Facebook Page reach
Bizna Kenya Facebook Page reach

Free Services

  • Links to posts published on Bizna
  • Jobs
  • Business offers and opportunities
  • Quotes
  • Business news

Subscription Services

  • Business Tips/Information
  • Marketing SMS
  • Directory Sign up
  • Directory Query
  • Sikika: Customer feedback (Compliments/Complaints)

The same services will also be available on mobile platforms via WhatsApp and Smartphone Apps to make it accessible to the over 38 million phone users in Kenya. Further, information will be shared with the huge database of members who have subscribed to receive Bizna updates.


Buyers will have an opportunity to sign up to receive targeted email updates and offers.

Online Shop

An online shop will be developed to offer clients with a direct opportunity to market their products and services. Businesses can choose between an affiliate marketing option where Bizna meets marketing costs and earns a commission or meet the marketing costs and sell to their customers directly.

Business Development services (BDS)

Bizna is presently establishing partnerships with BDS providers so as to offer services to customers towards building the entrepreneurship capacity of listed businesses and professionals, increase profitability and link them with other businesses and resources. This will be in the form of workshops, networking events as well as sector-specific training and promotion programs. Bizna will partner with public, private and development organizations to deliver the BDS.