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Stanbic Bank Personal Loans

Stanbic bank continues to serve the people of Kenya with a range of solutions for their businesses, since its inception year in 1958. Stanbic offers personal loans to businesses.

Why choose Stanbic bank?

  • They are fast. Within 48 hours, a loan applicant can receive their loan duly paid out.
  • They are flexible. They can offer your business a loan top up after 6 months of repaying the loan.
  • They guarantee insurance. With their credit facilities, businesses can access affordable insurance from trusted partners.
  • Persoalized. They can customize the loan to suit your business needs.

How Stanbic Bank loan process works

  • Minimum loan amount is Sh. 50,000
  • The maximum loan amount one can apply for is Sh. 4 Million.
  • Maximum loan term is 60 months.
  • One can top-up their loan after six months of repaying.
  • Competitive interest rates and facility fees are negotiable.
  • Stanbic Bank assures their customers of credit life insurance on all loans.

What you need to apply for the loan

  • A copy of your National ID
  • Proof of business (Address)
  • 3 months salary statement from your current bank or a recent pay slip.
  • Kenya Revenue Authority Pin


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