Bizna Kenya will be focusing on the government’s affordable housing and the food security agenda’s, this two are among the four agenda that Jubilee government is focusing on to ensure it improves the livelihood of Kenyans.

When the jubilee government availed it’s big four agenda to Kenyans, two imaged as the favorite among the four.  This was food security and affordable housing. Looking at what is dragging our economy back someone quickly mention food and housing, the two agendas will help to stabilize economy as well as empowering youths of this country.
Housing agenda if properly implemented will help sort a number of issues affecting both the government planning and Kenyans at large.
A number of issues will easily be handled by the agenda.  unemployment issue that has affected youths will reduce by big margin, while in Trans-Nzoia last year Deputy president William Ruto said kitale will have 20, 000 youths working on a project that will see 5000 houses set up. This means that many  people will work in construction site on different capacities. By doing this eventually public savants will have acquired cost effective shelters.
One of the key area that a public savants spent most of their salary in Kenya today is on housing. An average house that will accommodate a Kenyan employee who has a family today goes at around Ksh. 10,000-15,000 in Nairobi.
According to my view all employees earning between Ksh. 12,500-25,000 will be the biggest beneficiary of the affordable housing should the government finish the project in good time.

While implementing the affordable housing agenda the government in its plan should encourage rural to urban migration. With a lot of reasons to support this fact, first the rural urban migration will mean that more space will be left farming in rural areas.

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Though it will not be a direct policy but there are some things that will ensure the move is achievable. The ministry of housing should ensure that all major centers within counties are allocated a good number of affordable housing.
Other social amenities like school’s, hospitals, Social halls and other infrastructures like roads should be made available in this centers. Such facilities will encourage people to move from from rural to urban, to look for services that are no longer in villages. In developed world such strategies were used to allow commercial farming in reserves.
In mexico for example rural areas are made of ranches, this is where many agricultural activities take place. People working in Ranch are also paid well. While a ranch has all experts right from vet to managers, this has always ensured that services needed are not looked for in urban areas.
Youths in the respective counties should ensure they actively get involved in such projects like affordable housing, young people have always embraced a narrative that construction is for people who never studied well. But there are so many things elite youths can do.
In such big projects, procurement, logistics, and human resource is needed. This is a real deal for learned class of youths to show there expertise and their prowess in what they have from academic angles.
Kenya is now set for such food and housing developments considering two years of infrastructural developments. In a country with a population of over 40 million people with half the population being jobless. It will be very ideal for such technical jobs coming in place to help sought unemployment Issues in the country.

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