Middle East Energy announces launch of the African Energy Expo

The African Suite at the 2023 Middle East Energy Exhibition and  Conference in Dubai played host to the soft launch of the maiden edition of the African Energy  Expo. Scheduled for Feb 2024 in Kigali, Rwanda, the African Energy Expo is a first-of-its-kind trade  show, and an extension of Middle East Energy’s 48-year legacy, aimed at promoting sustainable,  innovative energy sources and driving the African energy transition.

The new addition to the already extensive energy portfolio of the company was announced by  Azzan Mohamed, Exhibition Director – Energy Portfolio MEA; Ade Yesufu, Exhibition Manager – Energy Portfolio MEA; and members of the Rwandan government represented by H.E Emmanuel  Hategeka, the Ambassador of Rwanda to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Yves Gahonzire,  Business Development Manager, Rwanda Convention Bureau.

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In his remarks, Azzan Mohamed detailed how the upcoming event will create more avenues for  Pan-African energy sectors to strengthen relationships and unlock investment opportunities. He  said,

“Since inception, the goal of Middle East Energy has been to drive transformation in the  energy sectors of the Middle East and African regions. We have played a strategic role in

bridging the gap between buyers, sellers, and all agents in the energy and power ecosystem  through our events portfolio which includes Middle East Energy, Nigeria Energy, and Egypt  Energy.

The upcoming African Energy Expo will drive our goal forward by fostering  collaborations between stakeholders across East, West, North, South, and Central African  countries. In addition to being a platform for the discovery of the latest technological  innovations, it will feature a high-level Leadership Forum with engaging panel discussions,  keynotes, and networking opportunities.”

The Ambassador of Rwanda to the UAE, H.E Emmanuel Hategeka, also said

“We are delighted to  host this event in Rwanda, a country that has made positive advancements in the energy  transition to renewables but is also the second most attractive MICE destination on the  continent. Over the past two decades, we have consciously invested in the stability, safety, as  well as infrastructure of the country and ensured that Rwanda is an open-to-business nation.

We are one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa with pre-pandemic GDP growth of  around 8 percent per year, having shown resilience throughout the pandemic and a strong  bounce back.

By investing in a national airline that is connecting the country to the world,  implementing policies such as visa-on-arrival for tourists from around the globe, to building a  new airport to accommodate the growing tourism traffic, Rwanda is the go-to place for leisure  and MICE on the continent.” He concluded.

Mr. Yves Gahonzire, Business Development Manager, Rwanda Convention Bureau reinforced  Rwanda’s enthusiasm to be the host for the annual African Energy Expo saying,

“As one of the  governing boards of Rwanda, we are very excited at Rwanda Convention Bureau to partner  with Middle East Energy to host this caliber of event. Rwanda is ready and open to channel a  Pan-African drive and move the energy sectors forward. There are great opportunities in

Africa’s energy sectors for investment in the regional market, and the event will be the hub for  partnerships and collaborations”.

The African Energy Expo will enable the establishment of resilient energy systems and  infrastructures across all regions in Africa, by providing an unmatched opportunity for pan African communities to connect and network. As an extension of Middle East Energy, the leading  energy trade event in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, it will be a unique platform for  energy leaders to debate and shape the future of the African energy landscape.