I owned a retail shop whereby I used to sell normal daily need commodities for daily use such as soap, milk bread, etc. After Mpesa was introduced in Kenya, I saw an opportunity for a viable business. So I went to get a Mpesa line and became a Mpesa agent.

The business was at a different level. Since my wife was jobless I thought it better for her to manage the business. after all, she was my wife and would manage our business as I would. As a matatu driver, I had a fixed schedule with no time for the jungle. I had much trust in my wife as she was very loyal and honest.

My Cyber Café Business Became Relevant Despite Mobile Technology

I had invested more than 300,000 in the business and was yielding good returns keeping in mind it was well situated. From opening to closing the business customers were flocking to buying shop items or withdrawing money. It was a booming business.

After operating the business for 8 months nothing seemed abnormal as daily she would calculate profit and show me the records. She proved to be the person who deserved to manage the business. It was a surprise when I went home one day but she was nowhere to be seen.

My Mobile Money Transfer Business Was One Of The Best After Meeting This Man

My house had been swept clean, even my clothes. I almost fainted. When I asked the neighbors if they had seen her. They said she had told them that I had informed her to look for another apartment we were moving out. I thought of the shop but it was a double shock when I went there as the shop was closed. she had disappeared with all my money and everything in the shop. I was left a depressed person.

Most of my friends I shared the story with would not believe it since such things only happened in the fiction world. I thought of tracing her but there was no hope of recovering my money nor anything. Her phone number was mostly off. I was a disturbed person with no peace.

How to Keep Your Husband, Wife From Cheating on You

Dan my all-time friend who has been telling me of Dr. Mugwenu.  Assured me he would solve my problem the fastest time possible. I called Dr. Mugwenu and he gave me directions to his offices. He cast the return stolen property spell. The second day after going back home, I heard my wife Yelling at the top of his voice that she was so sorry for how she behaved. She later brought all things she had stolen. At that time she was begging for a reunion but it was too late. I later married another honesty lady. Thanks to Dr Mugwenu.

DR. Mugwenu solves a range of life problems starting from family life problems like domestic violence, jealousy among relatives, casting out demonic spirits, and more others. Contact Dr. Mugwenu as he treats ulcers, TB, syphilis, manhood weaknesses among other things just within 24hours. Do not hesitate to contact him in case you find yourselves in such problems. Connect with him on-+254740637248. Email [email protected]  website www.mugwenudoctors.com.

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