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4 reasons you need a business community as an entrepreneur.

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Imagine belonging to a community of entrepreneurs that goes through the same challenges as you do and have found solutions to these problems. How much would you treasure such a community.

Entrepreneurship is a very lonely journey that is filled with many secrets, tears in the back, self denial and some degree of pessimism. With such an environment rose a need for business clubs to help members tackle common challenges collectively.

History of business clubs

Business clubs come long as old as ancient Rome times starting with basic market vendors in the Roman empire.  It is uncertain whether the use of the word “club” originated in its meaning of a knot of people, or from the fact that the members “clubbed” together to pay the expenses of their gatherings. The oldest English clubs were merely informal periodic gatherings of friends for the purpose of dining or drinking with one another.

In Kenya and Africa at large Business clubs have not been popular mainly because of lack of initiative from the entrepreneur hence the reason for few or non existent clubs. What is common in Africa are sports clubs and country clubs bringing together people of a similar class. In the minimal cases of business clubs in Africa, they have still been an association of the large corporate companies.

Benefits of a business club to entrepreneurs.

Below are the reasons why you need a business club as an entrepreneur and the impact it can have on the growth of your business:


  1. Networking: Business clubs are home to productive networking sessions through which you can solve key bottlenecks in your industry and grow sales as well.
  2. Collective bargain: As entrepreneurs in a similar industry you will notice that you share suppliers or policy makers. Clubs help you have bargain power to negotiate with your suppliers and thus cut your costs of production.
  3. Retreat and recreation: You will only retreat or relax effectively with a community that understands your journey. Business owners always need to step back and reflect on their progress  and performance. 
  4. Mentorship: In business clubs you will find people who have been in that industry longer than yourself hence room for mentorship and growth of one another through collective experience sharing.



About Bizna Club

Bizna has been home to over 150,000 entrepreneurs in Kenya whose businesses cut across different industries. It is on the same note that a Business club was formed for Bizna readers and it was called Bizna Club ( A Swahili informal translation of Business Club ). Bizna Club has ever since helped prospective entrepreneurs start businesses, learn from their experienced counterparts and grow their businesses through  networking.

Benefits that Bizna Club members enjoy:

This is the time to move your business to another level with our entrepreneurs’ support packages that have a rage of benefits as listed below:

  1. Discounted partner products ( These include insurance covers such as free personal accident, pension covers and logistics discounts )
  2. Discounted TV media and digital media packages.
  3. Networking events
  4. Access to credit facilities
  5. Educational Tours and Forums
  6. Business investment readiness training program

Is your business ready for growth? Tell us more about your business to join Bizna Club

Bizna Club packages include the following annual signup plans:

  • Individual basic plan – Kshs. 1000
  • Individual standard plan – Kshs. 2500
  • Individual Premium plan – Kshs. 5000

Is your business ready for growth? Tell us more about your business to join Bizna Club

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