Sometimes in business, what we are looking for is just right with us. You just have to package your content well and sell. Anyone is a potential customer and that could be a caller, you can tap into them without necessarily having to meet them in person.

Those strangers who keep calling inquiring about your business, or asking for jobs can turn out to be your loyal customers or ambassadors out there. As an entrepreneur, you must be a good judge of character, so you don’t end up getting humiliated with mean comments from some stubborn. Here are simple ways to play your cards right.

1. Call back

It’s courteous and kind to call back when someone hangs up in the middle of a conversation. Picking up from where you two left, builds the trust of the caller and eases the tension of conversing for the first time.

2. Engage

Don’t be the yes-no type of entrepreneur, provoke your callers with substantial information, to grab their attention. Let them have a piece of your mind, so they can perceive you knowledgeable and informative. when the conversation has a meaning and content, it is easy to throw in your motives.

3. Patience

It might take a little longer to convince someone to be your customer. Don’t shove it down their throats or get emotional. Take your time to tell if the caller can be really interested in what you have to offer. You don’t want to waste time converting stone cold callers to anything.

4. Listen

Pick up the trail from the conversation. What is the callers’ concern? What is their attitude toward the situation they are addressing through the phone call? When you have gathered some intel about them, you can tell if they are convertible or unconvertible. Listen keenly and think quickly.

5. Be detailed.

Suppose a caller inquire about your services and products, don’t hesitate to explain every detail of it. Break down the details for them, like they are a two-year-old. Answer their question to their satisfaction. in case of anything is not clear, give them facts and figures.

6. Pitch

Once you have figured out their potential to respond positively to your proposition, thrown in the card. Market your products and services. Convince them until they have confidence in your product and are comfortable with the prices.

7. Follow up

Most entrepreneurs hate to go beyond the phone call yet that’s where the money is. By reminding them or folowing up on their progress might actually trigger their decision to make a purchase or refer a number of other people.

8. Thank you.

You don’t want your callers thinking you are very unprofessional. Be courteous, thank them. Show them that you are approchable.

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