Fill a Motor Claim Form

This form is your formal application to the insurance company to settle your claims based on your policy. The insurance company considers your application and set in motion the process of compensating you. After you have filled the motor claim form, you send it back with required attachments such as a copy of the motor claim form, a police abstract, and a copy of your driver’s license. If in the assessment of the insurance company your car is damaged beyond repair, then the insurance company will write it off, and pay the claim. Otherwise, it will issue the authority to repair the car if the value of the damage is less than 50% of the insured sum.

What insurance company will need

Drivers License Details

Always remember to collect the driver’s license details of the other driver when you are involved in a car accident. One of the things every auto insurance company wants to be certain about is that every claim they handle result from legal usage of motor vehicles. In this regard, they like to be sure that the drivers were both legally on the road. Apart from that, it is important to have personally identifiable data from the other driver to facilitate the claims process.

Insurance Policy Details

Write down the policy details on the other car’s insurance cover. If the other driver is on the wrong, his insurance company should compensate you for the accident. In this regard, your auto insurance company will need the policy details to process the claim from the other insurance company. Getting this policy number and the insurance company that issued it also adds another layer of information that can help to identify the car in case of any eventualities.

Service Number of Police Officer

Also get the service number of the police officer that comes assess the accident. Each policeman has a service number usually pinned on the lapel of the jacket or on the shirt pocket. This serves to prove that the matter was reported to the authorities and blame was assigned based on this. This number, alongside an incident report should be linked to the base station where the traffic police officers operates. Getting the details right makes the claims process easier for you.

Vehicle Registration Number

Don’t forget to note the registration number of the vehicles involved in the accident. This number can be used to trace a hit and run car. In many cases, it is the only information you can get from a car that refuses to stop after getting an accident.

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