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Agilitee is Opening a Second Dealership after Cape Town success

GreenTech Giant Agilitee has started the roll out of its Franchise Dealerships known as Agilitee XPress which sell electric scooters and electric cars. The Green Revolution Pioneer opened its first XPress Dealership on the 1st of December 2022 in Cape Town and the store sold out everything on its first day in business, which is a great sign that Africa is truly ready for Electric Vehicles. The Agilitee XPress Dealership also houses battery swapping infrastructure for electric two and three wheelers and the charging station for all four-wheeler electric vehicle brands.

Agilitee announced yesterday that it will be opening a second XPress Dealership in Fourways Mall in Johannesburg on the 16th of December 2022.

Commenting on this great milestone is the founder and CEO of Agilitee, Dr. Mandla Lamba, ” What a great time to be alive, I wish I could wake up all our forebearers in Africa and say come witness what your great grandchildren have done. To open the first full electric vehicles Dealership in Africa was big enough on its own, but to learn from our team in Cape Town that the stock is sold out on the first day our store opened for business takes everything to another level.

Green hydrogen: full of promise but not without risk

I am so excited about the success we are enjoying at the Agilitee XPress Dealership in Cape Town, I believe in my team that leads the franchises that the Fourways Mall Dealership will be a great success when we open it next Friday as well. This is proof that God is faithful and without Him we are completely nothing.

We will be rolling out Franchises of Agilitee XPress every month going forward and I am happy that all these dealerships are franchises that anyone can buy and get own a share of our success story. We even provide interest free in-house financing for the buyers and we intend to maintain a 70% women ownership of our franchise dealerships.

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