AP Salary in Kenya: What Administration Police earn (Updated 2019)

AP Salary in Kenya: The Administration Police now works under the command of the Deputy Inspector of Police.

The core duties of the APs previously included:

(a) provision of assistance to the public when in need;
(b) maintenance of law and order;
(c) preservation of peace;
(d) protection of life and property;
(e) provision of border patrol and border security;
(f) provision of specialized stock theft prevention services;
(g) protection of Government property, vital installations and strategic points as may be directed by the Inspector-General;

(h) rendering of support to Government agencies in the enforcement of administrative functions and the exercise of lawful duties;
(i) co-ordinating with complementing Government agencies in conflict management and peace building;
(j) apprehension of offenders;
(k) performance of any other duties that may be prescribed by the Inspector-General under this Act or any other written law from time to time…

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AP Salary in Kenya

F PG1 70,485 17,190 18.760 9
G PG2 13,318 22,410 42,660 9
H PG3 4,576 30,750 45,540 9
I PG4 1,890 33,990 50,220 9
J PG5 6,383 36,300 53,820 9
K PG6 1,295 40,080 59,220 9
L PG7 242 45,540 70,530 9
M PG8 290 48,660 73,020 9
N PG9 627 59,220 85,890 9
P PG10 277 98,040 130,590 3
R PH11 91 143,790 187,890 3
S PG12 11 180,090 274,890 3

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