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Bob Collymore knew he wouldn’t make it past July

Bob Collymore’s Death: The lat Safaricom Chief Executive Officer Bob Collymore knew that his time to die had arrived. He also knew that he would not make it past July and was prepared to face his fate.

This has been revealed by popular journalist Jeff Koinange who was also one of his close friends.

According to Koinange, Collymore’s doctors had hinted to him that if he would be extremely lucky if he was going to make it past this July. Mr. Collymore died on July 1, monday morning at his home in Nairobi.

Koinange also revealed that at some point, the doctors advised the Safaricom boss not to make long-time plans.

“On Saturday I was having lunch with my mother and my sister and I told them to give me an hour to go and see my friend Bob. So a group of us of about five we had known this was coming. Bob had informed us so we knew he wouldn’t last very long. He had been told by his doctors not to make long term plans. In fact, he had been told by his doctors that if he makes it past July he would be lucky,” said Koinange.

The late Bob Collymore’s battle with cancer

He further revealed that Collymore’s body was not responding very well to treatment and his wife had requested his friends to donate platelets.

Bob Collymore's Death

“I’ve never seen anyone prepared for death as I saw in this man. We had a walk at around  and hanged up with him, he was in a bit of pain. His spine was giving him some problem. He kept saying I have lived a good life I have some regrets, nobody is perfect am ready now. He didn’t want us to leave when we bade him bye, ” he said.

Mr. Koinange also said that a few days before his death, Collymore had pleaded with the Safaricom management to name his replacement.

“He did inform those in charge to name his replacement, they were in a process of naming a new CEO, he told them that the one-year extension they had given him, he was not going to make it, ” Mr Koinanage recalls.

Bob Collymore’s death has left Kenya’s corporate scene in utter shock.

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