At times, he sells cocks at Sh 1,200 and above during holidays such as April, August and December. “In most cases, I determine the cost of the chicken since the demand for Kienyeji meat far outstrips supply. It’s a very good business.”

On a good month, Caleb says the Kienyeji chicken can earn him a handsome figure in the neighborhood of 600,000 shillings or more. He charges his trainings at Sh. 1,000 per person per session.

“I don’t regret having left employment, God has been very faithful to me despite the challenges I face every day,” he says. “You cannot satisfy demand for Kienyeji chicken in Kenya, East African region and the rest of Africa. As matters stand, the orders I have for day-old KARI Improved Kienyeji Chicken and Kuroilers is overwhelming me, but I am not complaining.”

Despite his initial losses, Karuga says he has learnt a lot along the way. “I believe in going through the learning curve. When a venture fails I don’t take it personally. It is the business that has failed, not me. I might have made a mistake but I choose to keep on the ball. I don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary situations.” While it is encouraging to see more young people going into agribusiness, Karuga says the industry should not be romanticised.

“What we are seeing is people going into farming because they read a story in a newspaper. They don’t do thorough research and they have no passion for farming, but because it seems sexy they decide to take a loan and bury the money. Don’t make farming sexy because it is not.” He warns that anyone looking to get into agribusiness needs to first have a passion for it. “If your only motivation is to make money then you are getting into the wrong business.”

Mr. Karuga can be reached through his website: or Tel: +254 728 92 69 66.


  1. well done Mr Karuga,I am looking for more information before starting off.I will specialize on Improved Kari Kienyenji and Layers business .So far I have bought I land in Mombasa 100by100,I will appreciate any valuable information or advise so that I can avoid or minimize mistakes,

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