Friday, December 1, 2023

Man who went to Canada on visit visa to seek asylum dies homeless in Toronto street

A man who traveled to Canada on a visit visa and opted to seek asylum after gaining entry has died. The man died outside a shelter in Toronto where he was waiting for accommodation.

The man has been identified as having come from Africa and his nationality is reported to be Nigerian. He was among asylum seekers from African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Uganda who are traveling to Canada on visit visa in search of asylum.

According to Toronto’s City News, Peel Regional Police responded to reports of a sudden death at an encampment outside of the shelter on Dundas Street East near Dixie Road on Wednesday morning.

“Investigators say a man in his 40s was found inside one of the tents without vital signs. Police said there is no evidence to indicate that the death was criminal, with investigators adding that a heating source in the tent could have caused the man’s death,” City News reported.

I quit my bank job in Kenya to go to Canada; now am homeless in streets

The news outlet further reported that officials in Peel Region are saying that current shelter capacity is at 300 per cent.

“68 per cent of those requiring space are asylum seekers from various African countries. Prior to this year, that number was closer to five per cent,” the City News reported.

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