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I was denied Canada visit visa with my Sh. 2mn, title deeds, Europe travel history

When applying for a visa to a foreign country, especially a first world country, you might assume that you will be granted the visa since you meet all the requirements based on your own perspective.

But contrary to what you – and many other visa applicants – may assume, issuing a visa is the prerogative of the visa officer who handles your application. This is why you may be be granted a visa by one office then get refused entry at the point of entry by another officer.

Well, this is what one Kenya who was denied Canada visit visa found out. This Kenyan had what they thought was a water tight case that included cash, property, family and a job. But they still got denied. Here is what they said:

“Whoever said that to get visa is based on pure luck was not wrong. I now believe them. I went for biometrics on 3rd August 2023, then last week I got a denial. Reason for denial was that I didn’t have enough funds and home ties.

Now, my bank statements had great transactions and Sh. 2 million in them. I also showed 3 title deeds, tea income, my child, my job, and my siblings. I even presented my Europe travel history. What else did they require?

I noticed something – when I did my biometrics, I did not receive the acknowledgement from them. Last week, they sent both; biometrics acknowledgement and the denial at the same time. My conclusion was that they never checked my documents. Whoever it was that was in charge of if my application just decided to deny me.”

I’ve been deported twice from Dubai, Ethiopia while trying to travel to Canada

In response to her denied Canada visit visa application, a few Kenyans came out to offer their two cents:

Please take time before reapplying. A very close person was denied the first time due to insufficient finances yet she had a Sh. 2.5 million bank balance. She reapplied again with a Sh. 8 million  bank balance and got denied Canada visit visa again with the same reasons – said Catherine.

The country (Canada) is right now cutting down on the number of temporary people going there due to a serious housing crisis. This is not to discourage you but all the best in your reapplication. – said Wafula.

The number of temporary residents is around 6.5 per  cent instead of 5 per cent. You ought to even take more time before you consider reapplying. – said Julie.

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