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Are you looking for a professional Property Management company? Or are you in search of a better neighborhood to settle in? Well Denver’s Properties is the company to choose. Denver’s is a real estate company that was started in Nairobi in the year 2015 with an aim of enhancing trust and professionalism in the rental real estate market.

Denver’s applies the concept of AirBnB which has become popular among Nairobians looking for a safe, secure, and quiet place to settle. It is a unique rental firm that gives you a variety of verified rental properties to choose from and vets real estate agents for the option on their website that offers real estate advertising for rental properties. Denver’s acts as a link between the tenants and the property owners. We visited their offices and the CEO Mr. Murimi gave a lot of insightful information on the company.

What is Denver’s Properties’ core business?

Denver’s Properties is a real estate firm that offers real estate service solutions in the rental market. A lack of professionalism in the rental market and a need to provide variety for clients prompted Mr. Murimi, the CEO, to start the company. Apart from providing a variety of rental properties in Nairobi, the company provides holiday homes in Mombasa, Nanyuki, and Naivasha, real estate advertising, and Property Management services. Denver’s Properties was registered in 2015 and started operations in 2016. The one year gap was a period of market research to better understand the areas they wanted to focus on.

Denver’s Real Estate Services

“Before starting a business, you need to understand the gap you want to fill,” says Mr. Murimi. “We started with capital of less than Ksh. 15,000, which was used to set up the website, where my wife was coding, and I was doing the content and field work. We wanted customers to find an already established website with reliable properties.”

Mr. Murimi decided to concentrate on the rental market in Kenya because he believes that specializing in this area will ensure that clients get maximum value.

Who is Denver’s properties’ target market?

The company targets both the upper and the middle class and their focus area is in all Nairobi estates with a high percentage of clientele. They also target persons visiting the country from different parts of the world for business, or pleasure where they assist them get reliable information on the best areas and the properties they can choose to settle in during their visit, for example, a holiday home in Mombasa, or a furnished, or serviced apartment in Nairobi.

What are some of the company’s achievements since it started?

Denver’s Properties has received a lot of positive feedback on all the properties they manage for the property owners since they also offer property management services. Mr. Murimi says that the company is managing around fifteen rental properties so far, and has received wonderful responses from property owners because of their professionalism.

“One of our landlords gave us six referrals just because we managed his property in a professional manner and kept our word as per our agreement. The clients who stayed in those properties were also impressed with our professionalism; how we handled them and listened to them. Our clients always come back.” Mr. Murimi says.

What challenges has Denver’s Properties experienced so far?

Customer and property owner relations can be delicate. There are customers who complain they did not get what they wanted, but mostly because they do not know exactly what they need or are looking for. Also, customers and property owners sometimes do not keep their promises.

“You may take a customer to the property owner and they fail to like them (first impression), for example, a client looking for a serviced apartment. The owners may require more information on potential clients who may not be willing to divulge.”  Mr. Murimi says.

Where will Denver’s Properties be in five years?

The driving force behind Denver’s Properties is client satisfaction. The CEO, Mr. Murimi, wants Denver’s to be a renowned real estate firm in Kenya, one that is trusted by people such that if you approach Denver’s, you get exactly what you are looking for. Denver’s gives quality tenants to the property owners because a lot of people complain of lack of trust in the real estate business. For Denver’s, what you see on the website is exactly what you get, and clients can view the property before making any commitments.

Who is the company’s preferred choice in the real estate business?

Denver’s identifies properties that match the expectations of their clients and have people on the ground who do research on the houses. Referrals by property owners also work best for Denver’s which helps maintain quality and consistency.

“If you want to go to Mombasa, for example, we have cottages where you can stay with your family instead of going to a hotel which lacks privacy. You can get a chef, or cook on your own, depending on what you prefer,” explains Mr. Murimi.

What new experience has Denver’s brought in the search for holiday homes and property management?

Professionalism, transparency, and trust are Denver’s highest qualities that have spurred its growth in the real estate market in such a short time. Its niche is the rental market, and they have strength in knowing the target market; what the clients want and how they can provide what they desire. For rental listings, they vet property owners and agents before giving them the mandate to list and advertise on the online platform, which ensures transparency.

“With listings, for example, we have people on the ground who visit sites to ensure they match our standards,” explains Mr. Murimi. “Once property owners put a query on the site, we call them and pay them a visit before any contract is signed, and because we continuously offer high quality service, we have developed a strong foundation of trust with our clients.”

Mr. Murimi’s advice for young upcoming entrepreneurs.

Capital should not be a hindrance and should not be the main focus when starting a business. One has to have the drive to provide a service, or a product that people need. Mr. Murimi explains that if he had focused on how much money he needed to start the company, Denver’s would not be where it is today.

“Once you give your best, the rest will follow,” advices Murimi. “Do not be hindered by the misconception that the market is saturated. There is always something that someone has not done, or a need that has not been catered for, no matter how saturated the market is. Understand the gap you are trying to fill and maximize on it. In addition, professionalism, transparency, and trust will take you a long way.”


Denver’s Properties

Call: +254 701 730 267

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Website: https://denvers.co.ke/

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