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I paid agent Sh. 406,000 for air ticket to Canada; got returned to Nairobi in Ethiopia

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A Kenyan who was aiming to travel to Canada on a visit visa has come out to share how he was denied boarding for Canada after arriving in Ethiopia from Nairobi.

The Kenyan says that nearly four months later, he is still trying to get the money he paid for the return air ticket to Canada back. The money amount to over Sh. 400,000. He shared his story as follows:

I was traveling to Canada in September 2023. I paid Sh. 406,000 for a return ticket using a flight booking agency. I was scheduled to fly using Ethiopian Airlines.

I departed Jomo Kenyatta International Airport without problems and arrived at the first layover at Bole International Airport in Ethiopia at around 8pm. At around 9pm, we started the check in process.

At A16, together with seven other travelers, we were asked to step aside. A few minutes to boarding time, a certain immigration official came and started asking us questions about visas, application process, and purpose of travel to Canada.

He would appear to be counterchecking our answers through a laptop at an immigration desk. We were told that what we had answered did not correspond with the answers in our portals. We were told that we had used unlicensed agencies.

We were told that we would not be proceeding to Canada and were instead put on the next available plane back to Nairobi.

I have been banned from Canada for using Nairobi agent, fake bank statement

How do I now go about getting my money back from the flight booking agency? The agency says that they sent an email to Ethiopian Airlines but they are still waiting for the feedback since September 2023.

I ought to get a portion of my money back since I never got to my destination and neither did I use my return ticket.


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