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How to choose a Flower Delivery service?

Due to the universal appeal of flowers as gifts, flower delivery services have a clear competitive advantage. And if you like to send flowers to friends and relatives without worrying about whether they will arrive in good condition, you should use a reliable service in Dubai, which we will tell you about. Flower delivery services in the digital age will make it easy for you to send a bouquet and please your loved ones, especially in the Arab Emirates.

Because now there will be a lot of flower delivery services that will help you, for instance, with peonies delivery Dubai to the addressee, and also because you, as a customer, will be able to order flowers online and send them. There are many benefits to selecting the most dependable delivery service that you probably have not even considered, such as the fact that flowers can now be delivered quickly and easily, and the desire to keep your flowers fresh until they reach the addressee and their destination.

How to choose a Flower Delivery service?

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7 suggestions for picking a reliable flower delivery service

It is straightforward to make a mistake in choosing, mix up dates, or not guess a person’s preferences dear to your heart. If you are in Dubai and want to please your loved ones, we know how to help you. Let’s look at seven tips to help you choose a reliable flower delivery service and the most beautiful bouquet.

1. Ask a lot of questions

Selecting beautiful blooms from the flower shop’s selection is a breeze. Just looking at the flower and maybe even touching the bud will do. But concerns arise when ordering a bouquet online: what if the flowers are not fresh? You can avoid being in that position by taking one of several easy precautions. It would be best to start by selecting a reputable reliable flower delivery service. Second, ensure you get all your questions answered before storing flowers.

They need to be held in the refrigerator. Third, have someone take a picture before you send the bouquet off.


2. Find out the correct delivery address and the recipient’s phone number

Thanks to the abundance of messengers, we can communicate with a person for years. Without knowing his phone number. However, it is necessary to specify it because the courier must quickly contact the recipient and not wait for a response on a social network. But with the address, the situation is a little simpler: the delivery service operator can clarify it. And it doesn’t have to be a home address. You can deliver the bouquet to the airport, restaurant, maternity hospital, or elsewhere.

3. Trust the florist

The composition of flowers is a matter of taste, but it is created according to certain laws. And many of them are understood only by professionals. For example, some varieties of flowers do not tolerate neighbours in the bouquet and accelerate the wilting of other buds.

Daffodils and lilies both possess these qualities. These flowers secrete mucus that clogs the
stems of different flowers and prevents them from accessing the water in the vase. Therefore, if a florist dissuades you from certain combinations of flowers in a bouquet, listen to his advice.


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4. Surprises are great; anonymity is not

Under the influence of romantic movies, men order anonymous flower delivery for a woman.

In the cinema, such an act causes joy and pleasant excitement. As experience shows, the opposite is true: an anonymous bouquet can cause anxiety and irritation. The recipient wants to be sure that the flowers were intended for him and that there was no confusion.

5. Remember the individual approach

There are no two identical bouquets. Therefore, when you order a perfume “as in the photo on Instagram”, the result will be similar but not identical. The florist can replace some elements with the most similar ones. And this is done only for the benefit of the client.

For example, the bouquet you have chosen contains out-of-season flowers. You can still find peonies even now and in January, but their beauty and quality will pale in comparison to when they are in season. If so, the flower shop will select something else in season.

6. Order flowers in advance

Even when performing urgent orders, it takes several hours for one bouquet. The florist should check with you all the wishes and details, the manager should accept the payment, and the courier should deliver the present through the traffic jams of the metropolis. Ordering a bouquet a few days before the celebration is better to avoid unpleasant situations. And on the eve of holidays such as New Year, March 8 or Teacher’s Day even earlier.

7. Consider tastes

Some dream of a massive bouquet of meter-high roses; for some, the height of perfection is bush roses. It can be not easy to guess a person’s tastes, even a close one. If you are unsure about the choice, consult a florist; he will make a universal composition that will appeal to the person you have started a surprise.

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