Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The government to arrest anyone breaking the 50kg potatoe rule

Kenyan farmers have over time borne the brunt of exceeded weights in the sale of their produce especially potatoes which have seen them paid lower than they should.

Thus the new law that has come into effect will see traders of agricultural produce including potatoes, cereals and legumes are package there produce in 50 kilogram bags in line with the new crops act.

Agriculture Fisheries and Food Authority Interim Director General Alfred Busolo says counties such as Nyandarua have already effected this new law in the sale of potatoes and urged other counties to follow suit.

Those convicted of breaking the law will be fined half a million shillings or serve a jail term of a year.

Busolo says that food produce will be sorted during packaging to meet quality standards with the benefits going squarely to both the farmers and buyers.

The Interim Director General however says that there has been a slow uptake of commodity fund in the form of a 5 to 10 percent credit to farmers due to delays in its application, and noted that there is no cause for alarm in the allocation of the funds to the different categories of farmers.

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