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Home delivery business ideas you can start and make money

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Home Delivery Nairobi: Time has always been a luxury—one that many people cannot afford. Most people lead extremely busy lives these days—between a crazy 8-5 job, caring for the kids, attending social events, and carving out some time for the family. There’s hardly time for trivialities.

Smart people have learned to outsource some of the time consuming activities to other people so that they can concentrate on other tasks that they cannot outsource. Why should you drive down five kilometers to the grocery store and risk being held in traffic when you can simply order for a grocery delivery service?

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There is a huge demand these days for delivery services and the sweet fact is that starting a delivery service business is extremely easy. If you have a mobile phone, a delivery vehicle or motorbike, and a website (optional), you already have all the tools you need to set up a delivery business. What you do need however, is the perfect delivery business idea. Here are 10 delivery business ideas that you could work with:

1. ‘Mboga’ delivery

I already mentioned grocery delivery, so I guess it is okay to start with it. The ‘mboga’ delivery business is quite easy, and it’s one of the most lucrative forms of delivery business yet people haven’t really ventured into it.

There are two ways to run this kind of business. First, you can either own a mobile mboga store where your vehicle would be used to stock different grocery items that you could sell as you move around or deliver on demand. Second, you can focus on delivery alone—meaning that you would only purchase and deliver pre-ordered items. In short, you advertise yourself and customers call you to order.

2. Parcel delivery.

From time to time, people need to send and receive parcels. E-commerce has even made this function more important because businesses regularly need to send products bought by their customers online. You can start a courier service that picks up and drops off packages for people without stress.

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3. Food delivery service

Starting a food delivery service is another great idea. Many people want easy access to food when they are at work or when they are too busy to make their own meals. With your own food delivery service, you would be helping to solve a major need and smiling to the bank at the same time.

4. Errand services

Another good idea is to start an errand service business. You can help people complete tasks or make purchases on their behalf and deliver it to their homes.

5. Dry cleaning delivery

Another great delivery business idea to consider is to help people drop off and pick up their dry cleaning. especially in posh estates. Sometimes, people there get so busy that we cannot even afford the time to pick up our official laundry. Wouldn’t it be a huge relief to have someone pick it up and drop it off on our behalf for a token?

6. Taking kids to school

You can also help busy parents to pick up their kids after school and drop them off at school every morning. A lot of parents would appreciate and be readily open to such services as it offers convenience and safety for their kids.

7. Drug delivery business

No, I don’t mean illegal drugs. Here, I mean prescription drugs. Some sick people usually need assistance with refilling their prescriptions. Old people also face this challenge, especially when they have serious health issues that reduce their physical strength. This is another delivery business opportunity. However, you might need some special licensing for this kind of business, depending on where you want to operate. This is because you will be handling drugs, some of which may be prone to illegal abuse. Home Delivery Nairobi.

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