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How paint companies and painters benefit through seminars and workshops

How paint companies and painters benefit through seminars and workshops

In any successful organization in the world, one will learn that public relation is what drives their success. Many organizations value corporate customer relations. A company that faces a lot of competition in the industry needs to take desperate measures to make profit in order to survive in business.

Apart from corporate social responsibility CSR that is used by most companies to ensure it maintains societal relationship at customer level, Some companies have gone an extra mile to train people who primarily use their end product as a way of maximizing sells.

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For instance; in the building industry, key players like paint manufacturers have for over a decade carried out a training role to painters as part of marketing strategies.

It is for these reasons that companies will employ Technician on advisory and teaching roles just to enlighten painters about the new trends in the market.


Over the weekend Bizna Kenya managed to attend a Basco paints Kenya limited seminar in Trans Nzoia county. One of the things that came up was corporate customer relationship as far as marketing is concerned. In its 40 years of experience in the building industry, Basco has a variety of products that have been thriving in the market. With over 800 employees Basco has the capacity to manufacture 6 million litres of paint per day.

According to market trends in painting world, people have started embracing ruff exterior textures as wall finish, Basco has its own called real roc. Real roc is one of Basco paints Kenya Limited products that have been recording high sells on the market for sometime now. This product is for both interior and exterior finishes, it comes in different packages measured in millimetres.

Seminars are of mutual benefits both to painters and to the company. According to Basco Paint training expert Mr. Osoro, seminars usually help them to record a high sells record because of the knowledge they give to painters. When painters embrace the knowledge they receive they will want to put to practice what they learned.

“We have always valued painters as Basco paints Kenya limited, when we organize such seminars we know how important fundis are, after we have practically taught them new trends on the market they will want to also go and use the same knowledge in the field. This has always given us positive results on the market especially in this region.” Said Mr. Osoro

It is the same method that is used while introducing  new product on the market. Basco sales representative in North Rift Mr. Benjamin Ikokonyi said meeting painters has always tried to pick some new things that have kept them above others who normally skip such seminars.

One of the key problems emerging with paints is the ability of shades to be able to withstand Ultra violent rays famously known as UV rays. In trying to sought out this problem Basco Paints was the first on the market to come up with Silicone paints which contain silicone components, this is resistant to ultra violent rays, silicone product is self-cleaning, and self priming meaning painters don’t need to undercoat walls and this also allows walls to breathe from inside giving such a wall 15years guarantee without demanding for repainting.

Its through such seminars that painters access such information. This information is crucial for those who understands painting dynamics. Bizna Kenya will encourage any painters and those aspiring to become painters to be attending such seminars for them to understand the challenges and how to counter them when it comes to painting

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