Friday, July 19, 2024

Internet Computer Accelerates Global Expansion Following Massive ICP Global Community Townhall

Following a historical 24 hours / 12 segments ICP Global Community Townhall hosted on “X” which drew an audience of over 1.5 million attendees, Internet Computer (ICP) has announced ambitious plans for global adoption.

Building on its momentum from a year of remarkable growth, Internet Computer unveils its groundbreaking “ICP HUBS” adoption strategy, poised to elevate global adoption to new heights. With a focus on immersive experiences tailored for developers, professionals, enthusiasts, investors, ICP is set to redefine the standard for community engagement in the crypto sphere.

The cornerstone of this strategy is the introduction of 13 flagship “ICP HOUSES” events scheduled throughout 2024, coinciding with major crypto and blockchain conferences worldwide. These two-day intensive gatherings will offer attendees a multifaceted experience, blending education, development, collaboration, and celebration under one roof.

According to Emilio Canessa, Head of Global Adoption at DFINITY Foundation:

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 “GLOCAL (global + local) is the key for an effective adoption strategy. While 24 ICP HUBS are in full swing on a regional basis, ICP HOUSES will connect the dots around the world, providing valuable cross-pollination opportunities for the Ecosystem. ICP has both, now.”

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Designed as polyfunctional spaces, ICP HOUSES will host a diverse array of activities including educational sessions, hackathons, presentations, networking events, and even overnight stays for hackers. Attendees can expect an intimate and curated environment conducive to meaningful interactions with industry leaders, technical experts, and fellow enthusiasts.


The inaugural ICP HOUSES events kicked off in Seoul (for Buidl Asia) and Hong Kong (for Web3 Fest), and will be followed by 11 additional events in key locations including Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Indonesia, Kenya, Poland, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India. Each event promises to provide a comprehensive overview of the burgeoning ICP ecosystem, bootstrapping collaboration and innovation on a global scale.

ICP HUBS NETWORK: A Year of Remarkable Progress

In just one year, the ICP HUBS NETWORK has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a global decentralized network comprising 24 chapters with a presence in 40 countries. This unprecedented reach underscores the growing influence of Internet Computer as a driving force in the Web3 landscape.

Central to this expansion is the philosophy of “glocal” empowerment, emphasizing grassroots community development and regional adoption. Through a network of decentralized hubs, ICP is redefining how stakeholders engage with blockchain technology, fostering collaboration and innovation from the ground up.


Representing a departure from traditional, centralized approaches, the ICP HUBS NETWORK signals a paradigm shift toward community-driven innovation and empowerment in the crypto world.

For more information about ICP HUBS and upcoming events, visit the HUBS Linktree.

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