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4 things most investors overlook when buying commercial plots

Investing in Commercial Plots: BY MERCY WAMBUI: Making an investment decision calls for a lot of consideration.  This is mainly because most investments are capital intensive. Take buying land for example. Buying plots is termed as the most preferred type of investment because land is an appreciating asset. As such, any serious investor must take time and consider the main implications that his investment decision will face. Here are some of the factors that such an investor should examine:

1:ACCESSIBILITY – like any other investment such as a business, accessibility is one of the things that investors should look at before buying land. This narrows down to factors like; If you want to buy land that you can settle in and build a family home, how easy will it be to find your way to and from it from the nearby towns. How well done are the roads? What about the neighbouring environment?

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2:APPRECIATION RATE – when buying land, appreciation rate is one of the top considerations. For example, if one buys land and later wants to sell it, will it have the capacity to give back any meaningful returns? Appreciation also includes the proposed plans for the area, and future projects such as road infrastructure. This helps to know whether the place is worth placing your money on or not.

3:PRICE – this is always top on the list. If land is in a prime area, most the cost will tend to be on the higher end. In such instances, some investors may opt to either buy a piece of plot in an already developed area, while others will target land in a less developed area with potential for growth.

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4:SOCIAL AMENITIES –  amenities like water, schools, electricity and good roads are critical when buying land. This is regardless of whether the plot is a residential or commercial asset.

These are some of the factors that fastest growing real estate companies like Fanaka Real Estate consider before selling land to their customers. When the four features above are considered, an investor will be able to make a sound and reliable choice on whether or not to put their money on a particular real estate asset.

The author is the a digital marketer at Fanaka Real Estate.

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