Kanze Dena’s Job: Barely a month has passed after former Citizen Tv news anchor Kanze Dena was appointed as the deputy spokesperson at State House. Now, Ms. Dena has moved ranks and is now the head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit.

She is replacing State House Spokesperson Manoah Esipisu who has been nominated to be an ambassador.

Kanze Dena’s job will now include handling all of president Uhuru Kenyatta’s communication at State House.

This is according to changes that were announced by president Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday.

Nonetheless, Ms. Dena was appointed as the head of the Presidential Strategic Communication Unit in an acting capacity.

These changes also affected two cabinet secretaries who were swapped. According to the announcement on the changes to the cabinet, Mr. Peter Munya switched places with Adan Mohamed.

Mr. Munya was the CS at the Minstry of East Africa Community while Mr. Mohamed was the CS at the Ministry of Trade and Industrialization.

Kanze Dena’s job: Flourishes

Ms. dena’s job has been flourshing over the recent past, and especially after getting appointed to state House.

She previously hosted the weekend Swahili news bulletin at Citizen Tv with Lulu Lassan. It has also been estimated that Ms. Dena has been taking a six figure salary from her new job. She becomes the first woman in Kenya to head this docket.

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