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KQ resumes DRC flights after Congo military releases detained employees

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Kenya Airways has announced that it will be resuming its flights to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The DRC flights by Kenya Airways will resume following the release of two employees by the DRC military.

“Kenya Airways confirms that military authorities in Kinshasa have unconditionally released our two employees who had been detained since 19 April 2024,” the national carrier said in a statement.

“We want to reiterate that our employees are innocent and were only carrying out their duties in strict adherence to the laid-out procedures. We stand by their innocence and will continue to support them.”

KQ announced that the DRC flights will resume from May 8, 2023. “With the necessary ground support in place, we are pleased to announce that Kenya Airways will resume flights to Kinshasa on 8 May 2024. We look forward to serving our valued customers once again,” said Kenya Airways.

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“We will continue cooperating with the investigating agencies and the relevant Government entities in both DRC and Kenya.”

Two of the carrier’s employees at their airport office in Kinshasa had been arrested and detained by the Military Intelligence Unit known as Detection Militaire des Activities Anti Patrie (DEMIAP).

They had been arrested over the alleged missing customs documents of a cargo that was to be transported by the airline. Kenya Airways, however, says that the cargo in question was not uplifted or accepted by them due to incomplete documentation.

In protest, the national carrier announced that it was ceasing its flights to the Central African nation until the detained workers were released. “Due to the continued detention of KQ employees by the Military Intelligence Unit in Kinshasa, Kenya Airways (KQ) is unable to support our flights without personnel effectively,” KQ chief executive officer Allan Kilavuka had said.

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