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The high salaries teachers under KUPPET may earn in new CBA with TSC

The high salaries teachers under KUPPET may earn in new CBA with TSC

KUPPET Latest News: KUPPET has fashioned itself as the teachers’ union that has the ear of the Teachers Service Commission. It is therefore not so far-fetched that the KUPPET teachers have been reaping benefits while teachers under the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have lost favour and missed out on goodies such as salary increments. In the latest battle for higher salaries and a new collective bargaining agreement, KUPPET appears to be taking the lead over KNUT.

The union is negotiating for quite a high chunk of pay increase with the TSC. For example, according to its CBA 2021-2025 submissions to TSC that were made earlier this year, Kuppet wants Secondary Teacher II , Secondary Teacher UT and Primary Special Needs Education Teacher, who fall under Grade C2 and earn between Sh. 34,000 and Sh. 43,000, to take home a minimum salary of Sh. 59,425 and a maximum of Sh. 74,280.

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The union also wants chief principals and senior principals, currently earning Sh. 118,242, to be paid Sh. 153,715, while those earning Sh. 141,891 should have their pay increased to Sh. 184,458.

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In the proposal, Kuppet, which now has over 120,000 members, also wants teachers to be paid a commuter allowance of between Sh. 8,500 and Sh. 20,000 and a leave allowance of between Sh. 43,694 and Sh. 141,891. It also wants its members to earn a house allowance of between Sh. 16,500 and Sh. 45,000, and a town allowance for Nairobi and county headquarters of between Sh. 4,000 and Sh. 8,000.


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The union wants its members to earn a  hardship allowance of between Sh. 16,350 and Sh. 57,150 – up from the current Sh. 10,900 to Sh. 38,100 – an overtime pay of between Sh. 500 and SH. 1,300 per hour, and a special allowance of Sh. 15,000 per month to teachers in special needs schools.

In early October this year, teachers rejected a proposal by the Teachers Service Commission that would have increased their salaries by between 16 and 32 per cent. KUPPET had pushed for a Sh. 15,000 allowance for teachers in special schools. On the other hand, KNUT wanted the basic pay raised by between 120 per cent and 200 per cent. KUPPET, though, had a revision for a salary increment of between 30 per cent and 70 per cent. KUPPET Latest News.


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