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Suleiman Ndoro: I started my medical revision kits business with Sh 5,000 loan

Suleiman Ndoro: I started my medical revision kits business with Sh 5,000 loan

Medical businesses in Kenya: In the line of publishing, the cost of production can scare the entrepreneur out of you, bearing in mind how quickly people are switching to turn on their smartphones and consume knowledge online.

Yet for one Suleiman Ndoro a Clinical Medicine Graduate, that’s where the big money is. Inside the hardcovers, the content accentuated with difficult medical jargon that many cannot fathom, Suleiman reaps heavily from breaking it down into consumable portions for needy medical students.  He takes us through his business venture that is one of a kind, expounding on it in details.

1. Tell us about yourself and the inspiration to venture into this a line of business.

I am Suleiman Ndoro Jnr aka Dr. Audi; a medico-preneur and a motivational author. I am the Founder & CEO of Medwax Corporation Africa Ltd- a start-up medical and healthcare corporation with 4 companies in it-a publishing firm (Medwax Publishers) Medwax Stationeries, Medwax Media Group and Medwax Technologies.

Medwax Publishers thrived, thanks to the insatiable demand in the market and it’s still up and running. I saw the struggle medics went through hustling for revision tools and notes, having pursued medicine in campus and that inspired me to think outside the box and come up with a product.

I published my first book called TEST YOUR ANATOMY MCQs WITH ANSWERS and it has been a continuous business ever since.

Suleiman Ndoro: I started my medical revision kits business with Sh 5,000 loan
Test your anatomy MCQs with answers

 2. How did you fund your business and how much do you make from it?

Medwax started as a partnership with a couple of friends on board. We each contributed a small amount of money kick-start the business. Medwax Publishers started with a Sh. 5,000 loan, I had borrowed from a friend. When we gained momentum as a company, we were able to finance ourselves plowing back the profits into the business.

3. What is business like at Medwax Publishers?

With an indoor printer, we are able to produce very many copies at an affordable price, on different medicine topics. Our revision materials range from sh100 to sh250 which is affordable for most students. We have diversified our coverage from reproductive health and general pathology to surgery and anatomy. All our customers are literally catered for.

We are able to sell three to four book online, while still having others coming for hard copies. A week to or during the exams we sell the most because the demand is just on another level, that’s when we make supernormal profits in the business. Since different schools have different exam periods, we reap the most from it.

The books really bring in the cash. We have a total of 14 revision books which have a turnover of about 200% in terms of profit.

4. To what do you most attribute your success?

Identifying your niche, studying and knowing your market in and out, having a true team, working on building a brand and getting necessary finances stabilizes the business.

We are in a world where almost everything has been done before and people are still doing it. So creativity is what makes one stand out.

Suleiman Ndoro: I started my medical revision kits business with Sh 5,000 loan
Medwax Publishers Revision Kit

5. How do you go about marketing your business?

Just like Business, the medical field is quite versatile. Our products have been customized to target different schools in the medical discipline. Working with third parties and agents has been a quick way to reach to our clients who are mostly students in KMTC, and universities.
We deliver hard copies, but we heavily market online on WhatsApp group and online to reach a bigger audience.

6. What is your attitude towards those clinging to white collar jobs?

Choose happiness. If being employed foots your bills and pays rent then you are good to go. If you are quite entrepreneurial, bold enough to take big steps in faith, I challenge to start the journey already. The path to financial independence and freedom is a tough one.

9. Where do you envision Medwax in five years time?

I see Medwax penetrating the East and Central Market. The go-to supplier of revision tools to medical students from across East Africa skewed towards their syllabuses. I’m creating networks all over so that my products can be customized to meet the needs of different medical students.

10. What motivates you each day?

The desire to be a better man tomorrow, one that people look up to and admire because of the determination and hard work I put in my work.

11. Partying Short?

It’s never too early to start. No dream is too big, no dreamer is too small.