For every 10 KSh you earn, divert some to yourself. We are all engaged in different trades and Jobs and such provides income streams. Interestingly, we almost always only work for others.

When you spend your money paying rent, it means you made that money for your landlord. When you spend some money in the Salon, it means you labored for your salonist.

Millionaire Ndindi Nyoro: Only entrepreneurship will make you wealthy

Every time you spend your money buying fuel, it means you were making money for Total, Kenol, Shell etc.. Therefore, learn to appreciate yourself by setting aside at least 2 shillings for every 10 you make. That should go directly to your purse. Whether you earn Sh. 10,000 or Sh.1 Million, there is no excuse to this step. Others call it saving..


Control Expenditure. It’s intriguing that whatever amount of money we earn, most of us remain broke.. A person with a monthly income of Sh. 300,000 is as broke as a Person earning Sh. 5,000. Some have more responsibilities than others but all remain with empty accounts.

This is mostly because of the inability to control our spending desires. Not all are desires to be instantly gratified. Therefore budget for your income without touching the 2 ksh in every 10 that you set aside for yourself.. Even when you spend all your income, you still remain with un-gratified desires..


Make the 2 shillings you set aside for yourself multiply. Make your money labour for you.. Think about an old man with Two children. If he “eats” his two children, it means he’ll have NO offspring.

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  1. True…having a target for savings and once you reach that target you put the savings in an investment that will generate you more income e.g. setting a target to save Ksh200,000 by end of year and investing that money in a business or income generating activity

  2. Hi, i am soo humbled by your story hon. Ndindi Nyoro. its educative and anyone who follows its directives will bee definitely succeed

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