Tuesday, April 16, 2024

State reveals millions of money used to build Kelvin Kiptum’s house

The government has revealed the amount of money that was used in the construction of Kelvin Kiptum’s house.

These figures have been revealed by Housing permanent secretary Charles Hinga. According to PS Hinga, the government used Sh. 7 million on the house.

“The contractor adopted modern precast or prefabricated technology and light gauge steel in the construction of the house for Sh. 7 million,” said PS Hinga when the government handed the house over to the family.

“This technology which is gaining popularity across the world, allows constructors to fabricate concrete components off-site. Not only is it faster but it is considered a cost-effective alternative to the brick-and-mortar walling system.”

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At the same time, Navin Patel who was the contractor responsible for the construction of Kelvin Kiptum’s house said that the technology used was long lasting.

“In terms of durability, my house has stood for 10 years. The technology has also been there for over 50 years and has been used in America, South Africa and New Zealand. This technology is mostly used in America where wood is very expensive,” he said.

During the burial of Kiptum on Friday, February 23, 2024, President William Ruto promised that the late marathon record holder’s wife would get a second house.

“I have already given the family Sh. 5 million and now the government will give him another new house beside the house we have built here and it will belong to Kiptum’s wife Asenath Rotich,” said Ruto.

This will be the third house the government is building the family of the late Kiptum, since the government is already building a new house for Kiptum’s father. Two weeks ago, President Ruto ordered that a house be built for Kiptum before his burial.

The construction of Kelvin Kiptum’s house took about a week, and has since divided opinion on the quality of the house and the rush to set it up.

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