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List of 10 most trusted phone brands in Kenya (Updated 2022 list)

Most trusted phone brands in Kenya: Kenya is a leading country in Africa in terms of mobile phone penetration and coverage. It is estimated that on average, one Kenyan owns at least two mobile phones or smartphones.

For years running, Kenya has also been acknowledged to have one of the most widespread internet connectivity in Africa

But which are the most trusted phone brands in the Kenyan market? Notice how you can just step out of the house and walk a few kilometres and see a person holding a certain type of phone in hand, that you may or may not recognize its brand.

Well, a majority of phone brands that dominate the Kenyan market are Chinese-made, unlike countries like the US where Apple fronts the mobile sector. These brands include Tecno, Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, itel and more. They are popular due to the aggressive marketing strategies coupled with pocket-friendly prices affordable to most Kenyans.

Apple’s trusty iPhone on the other hand is common in Kenya, but it is arguably the most trusted device mainly because of its high price and unpopular operating system.

That said, statistics show that most phone brands in Kenya run on an Android Operating System. Reports show that most Kenyan smartphone users are aged between 18 to 40 years, with more than 88% of users owning Android phones.

Let’s now take a look at the 10 most trusted phone brands in Kenya.

1. Apple’s iPhone

This one needs no introduction to anybody because it is one of the most popular smartphone brands in Kenya. Safe to say everyone knows how much of a high-end device an iPhone is, with some going to the extent of jokingly regarding it as a lifestyle.

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

In spite of its high cost, the Apple brand premier device is one of the most trusted in the market by the ‘high class’ of Kenyan society, owing to its outstanding reputation in western countries.

The device is popular among young people and rich folks willing to buy it for its eminence. Its popularity has been factored by the lustrous design, amazing features and good customer service by Apple and third-party dealers

2. Samsung

Samsung is regarded as one of the most trusted devices in the Kenyan market, due to its presence longevity and quality of high-end devices. Samsung smartphones tend to be durable while at the same time offering quality.

The reason Samsung fails to rank first is because of its price. While the quality is one of the best in the country, it will cost you an arm and leg to acquire a really good Samsung smartphone in the Kenyan market.

Galaxy ZFold 4 & Galaxy ZFlip 4
Galaxy ZFold 4 & Galaxy ZFlip 4

Samsung’s pricy devices are the dealer’s flagship series, the S series. However, there are options, with Samsung having mid-range devices such as the J-series and the A-series of phones.

3. Huawei

Huawei devices in Kenya are reliable and affordable. It is also a device common with young users. The Chinese enterprise flagship device is the Y series. Huawei phone production has declined over the years however the company still manufactures devices for Huawei loyalists.

HUAWEI nova Y70
HUAWEI nova Y70

The company’s success in Africa is attributed to its partnerships with local telecommunications operators; for example, Safaricom in Kenya. Huawei is a trusted brand because of its impressive specs and its moderate cost, matching similar brands in the Kenyan market.

4. Realme

Realme is one of the newest entrants of brands with top-notch devices in the Kenyan market. However, the Realme brand of smartphones has shockingly surpassed common brands in the market.

Realme C35
Realme C35

They are reliable and provide a good intuitive android operating interface, large screen display, excessive storage space and a long-lasting battery life allowing for multitasking without overheating.

But most importantly, the Realme brand of phones is very affordable to the ‘Common mwananchi’ with its low and mid-range prices.

5. Tecno

Tecno phones are the most trusted in the Kenyan market. The reason the smartphone brand stands tall among established smartphone giants is because of how well they understand the price sensitivity for a quality device in the Kenyan market.

Tecno has followed this strategy to the latter and it has played out well for them. They also listen to what the customers want and have designed their phones according to what customers prefer.

TECNO Camon 19
TECNO Camon 19

Any Kenyan looking to buy a low to mid-range priced device will consider buying Tecno. They also have several high-end Tecno smartphones. This brand offers a variety of devices to customers and is considerate of their financial status.

Their flagship device is the Camon series, but there are many others that Kenyans can opt to choose from, such as the Pop series and Spark series.

6. Infinix

By far Infinix has been one of the most dominant devices in the Kenyan market. Infinix has an extensive portfolio of mid and high-range devices. The device is common among young professionals, who chose not to get an iPhone or Samsung, as well as students.

Infinix Hot 12 Series
Infinix Hot 12 Series

Just like the Tecno brand, most Infinix smartphones come with almost similar cool features. The main selling point of an Infinix device is its affordability.

7. Oppo

OPPO is one of the best smartphone brands you can find on the Kenyan market. OPPO Smartphone manufacturers always ensure that they produce quality that you will hardly find anywhere else.

Most OPPO smartphones run on the Snapdragon processor, making the gadget capable of multitasking for long hours without overheating.

OPPO Reno7
OPPO Reno7

Most OPPO smartphones also offer fast charging speeds and stay long without the need to recharge. The quality that Oppo manufacturers give to customers is what makes Oppo a trusted household firm in Kenya.

OPPO has the best mid-range devices available and comes in different colors and models. Some popular Oppo Phone models are Oppo Reno5F, Oppo A35 and Oppo F11 Pro Phone.

8. Xiaomi/Redmi

Redmi is similar to OPPO in very many ways. The Redmi devices run on a Snapdragon chipset too, offering the same advantages that Oppo gives.

Redmi Note11 Series
Redmi Note11 Series

One reason why Oppo is more popular than the Redmi brand is because of the higher prices associated with it, hence most Kenyans find it difficult to foot the bill, while they could settle for an almost similar phone for a less amount.

9. Itel

The Kenyan market is also dominated by the itel brand phones. Itel has one of the largest numbers of low-end phones on the market. Itel also has a good share of brands with mid-range types of smartphones.

itel A58 Series
itel A58 Series

Itel brand is common because of its affordability with just less than Sh. 10,000.  The brand is however yet to attract the Kenyan market with high-end smartphones.

10. Safaricom’s Neon

The Neon range of smartphones has gained a fair share of the Kenyan market thanks to Safaricom. These low and mid-range smartphones in partnership with Safaricom have given many a chance to own a smartphone at cheaper and affordable prices.

Safaricom Neon
Safaricom Neon

The Neon brand of smartphones comes in varieties namely Neon Kicka, Neon Nova and Neon Ray.

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