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Ndindi Nyoro: These are my 3 steps to getting rich easily today

On the other hand, if the two children each gets Four children, it means he’ll have eight grandchildren while still having his Two children.. If the Eight Grand children each gets Four Children, it means the old man will have Thirty Two Great-Grand children, Eight Grandchildren and Two children.

Mwenda Thuranira: The tycoon behind Sh. 20 billion property project

It’s the same with money, the Two shillings you set aside should create two income streams, the income you get from the two income streams should create more income streams while still maintaining their flow.. With time, you’ll have so many streams with so much money flowing from them that you’ll have more than you can spend..

That’s called Investing!! That’s how easily you’ll drive a Range Rover, have a VX for spare and a Mercedes as an errand car while living in Muthaiga, having your 2nd home in Runda and “Escaping” to your 1000 acre ranch in Nanyuki over the weekends. Ndindi Nyoro Wealth.

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  1. True…having a target for savings and once you reach that target you put the savings in an investment that will generate you more income e.g. setting a target to save Ksh200,000 by end of year and investing that money in a business or income generating activity

  2. Hi, i am soo humbled by your story hon. Ndindi Nyoro. its educative and anyone who follows its directives will bee definitely succeed

  3. Saving my extra coin in chama enabled me purchase a land parcel in Thika at 1.5M and the year followed purchased sh800k premio car to ease my mobility…power of saving not a joke

  4. Mwesh wonderful. Reach out more to Kenyans on this. Will follow advise and get back to you with results.Was wondering why you are so bold and go against the tide. I had to learn more about you.

  5. Thanks Mr nyoro not all pple share what they have,,,,, me personally have gain something regards on saving

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