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Njambi Koikai dies after long battle with endometriosis

Former Radio Presenter Njambi Koikai has died. Njambi died while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Nairobi.

For years, Njambi Koikai had been battling endometriosis. A few days ago, Njambi had shared an appeal for blood.

Co-Op post

“Hi fam, I’m currently admitted at the Pioneer Ward Nairobi Hospital and I kindly require Blood O positive. Kindly asking for blood donors for Mary Njambi Koikai,” she had pleaded with Kenyans.

Njambi who full name was Mary Njambi Koikai previously shared her long and painful journey with illness.


“I battled Endometriosis and Adenomyosis for close to 20 years. I lost friends, jobs, relationships, lost some of my organs to this disease and dealt with a whole load of physical and mental trauma,” she said.

“The tubes in my chest were not all fixed in one day. It started with one chest tube, then the regular x-ray sessions the following morning showed I had some pockets of water in my lungs.

I was taken in to the operating room and another chest tube was inserted. On the third day, the x-ray sessions showed more water up my ribs.

Menstrual Problems: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Another chest tube added. Fourth day, same thing. Fifth day, my doctor walked in and said to me, ‘Your chest is filled with tubes and we’ve found more fluid up closer to your breast. We can access that point by inserting a tube in your back’.

I asked if they could insert the tubes on my chest so I can be able to lie on my back. I ended up with five tubes. The howling, growling and pumping of the tubes was nothing I ever imagined. My tiny body was drained, pumped with medication and emaciated.”

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