Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Nurse Judy: In US I earn 10 times more than what nurses earn in Kenya

The past few years have seen vast Kenyans move to Western nations, mainly America, in search of greener pastures in terms of work.

The primary attribute of this move is better payment and opportunities compared to Kenya, as one of the influencer emigrants, namely, nurse Judy, notes. She shares her journey in the US, noting that it is a lonely country that distances one from their home, culture, and food but one that floods with opportunities.

In her Instagram post, nurse Judy reveals that despite being a desolate country away from home, the US is flooded with opportunities.

The nurse reveals that she used to earn Sh. 380,000 biweekly working as a caregiver in a foreign country, for a job that she claims only entailed giving companion care, just paid to sit by bedside all day giving meds and food.

The nurse influencer notes that staying in a foreign country is challenging, and she misses her home, food, and culture, but the pay betters the situation.

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Nurse Judy shares about her life and the processes of settling abroad for her fans who might be interested in moving abroad

In her Instagram reel, the nurse writes;

“I temporarily worked as a Caregiver, btw mi sikuagi mchagua jembe, I gotta do what I got to do, but wow, what was amazing is when I learnt that it was still going to make me some decent income temporarily! and I was able to still cater my bills and do so much for myself!

 Let no one discourage you about coming to America! It’s not a walk in the park, you got to put in work, It can be a lonely country, home is still the best in terms of so many things including our food and culture, but in terms of opportunities and money! Now you can’t imagine what’s my rate as RN reveal, village witches wataniroga, America it is.”

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