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Diversifying your Offering Essential to Business Survival – Glovo

The cost-of-living crisis, rising inflation and fears of a recession are creating considerable challenges for retailers and restaurants in Kenya, according to new research commissioned by Glovo — one of the world’s leading multi-category players.

The  research found that compared to the pre-epidemic period, the majority of businesses -86%, indicated they are changing strategies more frequently to reach more customers. The majority of the businesses also indicated the current business environment is the most challenging ever. Seventy seven percent of the businesses also indicated they are diversifying their offers to reach consumers.

The research follows the recent launch of Glovo Local, a new program designed to help small and medium-sized retailers and restaurants digitise their business and grow their online presence. Glovo Local follows the rollout in all 25 markets Glovo operates in for its 150,000 partners, which is expected to expand to 250,000 by the end of 2023.

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In regard to reaching new customers, in Kenya 40% are saying this is their main challenge. The study of more than 3,200 small and medium-sized food, grocery and restaurant businesses across nine markets in Europe and Africa (the UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Kenya, Romania and Morocco) found that more than one third of SMEs 34% regard reaching new customers as their main challenge as well, with 25% of UK businesses saying the same.

Among the factors causing SMEs to seek additional support and solutions were changing consumer habits, high inflation, lower consumer spending and overarching macroeconomic risks.

Caroline Mutuku, General Manager Kenya at Glovo, said:

“ As we move forward post pandemic and the lessons we acquired during that time, it is paramount that we continue to leverage on the current digitization of all sectors, for SMEs more than ever have to be open to technology.

the future is here with us and it will get better with time,digitisation is crucial to growth of SMEs, about 40% of businesses digitized during the COVID pandemic. Post-pandemic, 68% of businesses continue to operate digitally with 30% of them starting working with delivery partners during the pandemic.”

Growth is still on the agenda for 2023 as the research also reveals that, despite the current economic turmoil, 62% of the businesses are on survival mode. However, 92% are optimistic they will achieve significant growth in the next 12 months.

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The role of a technology partner is set to grow, understanding of the market and customers needs (at 90%) was rated as the most critical factor to help businesses remain relevant. Further,79% of businesses believe a technology partner will help them stay competitive as cost of living soars worldwide.

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