The company remains committed to developing 5G ecosystem and bringing next generation of connectivity experience to consumers.

NAIROBI: – Monday, April 1, 2019: International phone brand OPPO, has announced that its first 5G smartphone has successfully passed 5G CE tests as Kenya awaits for the 5G services to become available to consumers after year 2020.

Delegates from the public and private sector who attended the Sub-Sahara Spectrum Management Conference in Nairobi last year noted that 5G was perhaps gaining traction faster than was anticipated and said a conference slated for later this month in Gaborone, Botswana may address the deployment of the new technology in detail.

It is a fact that 5G technology is a key turning point for the world. Once the 5G technology is availed, it will be an exciting technology and communication breakthrough for the country and continent as the OPPO 5G product line will soon be introduced into the global market.

The 5G CE tests were conducted by Sporton International Inc., a global inspection services authority, and was awarded a 5G CE certificate by CTC advanced GmbH. OPPO’s 5G smartphone, which was showcased at MWC 2019, is also the first multi-frequency, multi-mode, and multi-EN-DC combination 5G smartphone to be approved by CTC. As an advocate and a pioneer in 5G technology, OPPO is accelerating the development of 5G smartphones to bring its first 5G smartphone to market in the first half of 2019.

As the Middle East region gears up to embrace 5G, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are well positioned to be among the first countries in the world to deliver the benefits of 5G.  OPPO remains committed to be one of the key contributors to the 5G ecosystem in the region and is helping shape the next generation of connectivity through contributions in research, software and hardware development, deep consumer insight and a robust ecosystem of strong industry partners. The company recently launched its “5G Landing Project” with several operator partners to accelerate the commercialization of 5G products and services worldwide.

Alen Wu, OPPO Global Vice President, Head of business overseas markets said, “This is another significant milestone in 5G development for OPPO. Through ongoing technological innovation, we have been preparing extensively for the realization of 5G smartphone commercialization. OPPO looks forward to continued cooperation with strong partners like Sporton that will enable consumers to get closer to 5G.”

Mr. Ivan Xie, Chief of Operation and Engineering, Sporton International, Inc. said, “We were pleased to see OPPO’s 5G smartphone perform exceptionally during the stringent tests. The results are a testament to OPPO’s technological capability and great news for users and industry alike. Drawing on our rich experience in wireless communication, Sporton will continue to collaborate with OPPO to usher in the future of 5G connectivity.”

An integral step towards the commercial launch of its 5G smartphone in Europe, OPPO’s CE certification verifies that the OPPO 5G device is compliant with EU requirements essential for entering European markets in areas such as wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, health and safety. The phone maintains the advantages of the n78 band – such as more band combinations and wider bandwidth, which can be applied across a broader range of countries and regions.

To learn more about the future of 5G enablement, connect with OPPO during the upcoming 5G MENA 2019 summit taking place in Dubai, UAE, from April 7-9 at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. OPPO will be welcoming executives from across the region

And internationally to engage in the summit’s forums. OPPO is also supporting wider industry dialogue as a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s event. The discussions on 5G are part of a broader debate on how African countries can best manage spectrum, to increase technology access. However, the formula to ensure the accessibility of 5G technology will need to include cheap, compatible devices.

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