Tuesday, August 9, 2022

PEACE Cable lands in Kenya with Telkom Kenya

Thirteen years since Kenya welcomed its first ever fibre optic cable, the demand for broadband by individuals and businesses continues to grow.

Work, Life, Play…. all spheres of our economy are now latched on ICT, carrier network operators continue to witness massive bandwidth demand driven by new applications and greater penetration into emerging markets.

The Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) cable comes at a time when Kenya’s internet economy is rapidly growing, thanks to the acceleration of digital transformation acceleration, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As demand rises for cloud storage, heavy internet content streaming, e-commerce platforms, e-learning apps, telehealth systems, fintech innovation and online businesses, the new PEACE cable brings additional capacity to the national fibre backbone network.

Telkom, PEACE Cable a boon for internet business in Kenya

Connecting Africa to France and Pakistan through the Europe-Asia route, this direct connectivity to Asia will reduce communication delays between Africa and Asia.

This 15,000 Km cable, the sixth in Kenya is a partnership between Peace and Kenya’s most affordable mobile internet data provider Telkom, providing the highest speed yet, of 200 GbpS.

The continued growth in consumer demand for connectivity and data presents new markets for co-location data centers, content development networks and Over-the-Top service providers in the country.

The PEACE Cable, is a carrier neutral open cable system which is entirely independent of any network, hardware or software. Meaning, that any player or operator can join and share the resources that PEACE has to offer.

PEACE Cable Global Map view


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