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You can now own plots in Kamakis, Ruiru with Fanaka if you earn less than 100k

You can now own plots in Kamakis, Ruiru with Fanaka Real Estate if you earn less than Sh. 100,000 per month. How, you may ask?! To begin with, most land buyers are always scared when it comes to offsetting the bills.

In fact, those most affected are land buyers desiring to own land but feel like they earn below six figures.

Fanaka Real Estate sells prime plots in Ruiru-Kamakis, Juja Farm and along Kangundo Road in Kamulu, Joska and Malaa towns at prices ranging from Sh. 750,000 to Sh 4 million and we also carter for less than Sh. 100,000 per month earners.

We offer affordable and genuine land for sale within Nairobi Metropolis with ready title deeds. Our main aim is to ensure both low and middle-income earners are able to own a piece of land and build a home.

After having signed the sale agreement and provided all requisite documents, the next move is to make your payment. This is done according to how you have agreed with the company.

The flexibility in how you can make payment for the land purchased is one of the ways Fanaka Real Estate ensures our clients are comfortable and satisfied.


For those earning below Sh. 100,000, Fanaka allows a payment plan, which usually goes for a period of up to 12 months.

Here you have to have given a down payment of at least 30 per cent of the total cost for the land. This is the most preferred way of payment by customers.

This means you can comfortably pay for the property as you go on with your other projects. You can be paying somewhere like Sh 74,000 monthly for a year,

It can be through a bank transfer, cash deposit into their bank account, or mobile money.

A second option is where Fanaka Real Estate Ltd arranges for you to get a bank loan to pay for the land and settle the credit in your own time as per the agreement.

Your land will be held as collateral by the bank until you offset the loan.

Why investing along Kenyatta Road in Juja is a good bet

Making a one-off cash payment for the property usually comes with a discount of up to 4 per cent of the total amount required.

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