Monday, December 5, 2022

Pray for the economy, Ruto now tells Kenyans

President William Ruto has asked Kenyans to pray for the ailing Kenyan economy. The president said this during yet another church function that was held at State House Nairobi.

“We are chained to our debts. 65 per cent of the taxes we collect go into paying debts. Please pray for our economy,” said President Ruto.

He added that Kenyans have not been saving adequately, and vowed that he will push for the review of the NSSF fund to push Kenyans into saving more.

“We have been borrowing is that we were imprudent in our savings. Everyone who works in Kenya saves only Sh200 every month. We will review NSSF,” the president said.

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Ruto and first lady Rachel have been facing criticism for converting State House into a Christian evangelical symbol. This is after hosting dozens of church leaders and church meetings.

Critics argue that as the head of State, President Ruto should not try to convert Kenya into a religious state when it is a secular state with no religious preference.

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