Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pwani Oil honors Exceptional Women for their Contribution to Society

Leading edible oils manufacturer Pwani Oil has paid tribute to over 150 remarkable women for their outstanding community contributions and transformative impact on people’s lives.

The event occurred in a heartfelt Malili, Makueni County, organized in collaboration with Africa Inland Church (AIC). At least 13 AIC churches participated in the celebration marked with prayers and religious renditions from scores of choirs and leading gospel artists.

Aligned with the company’s mission to uplift and refine the communities it serves, the initiative was part of Pwani Oil’s Month of May Mother’s Day celebration.

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Speaking at the event, The Makueni Deputy Governor, Ms. Lucy Mulili thanked Pwani Oil and emphasized mothers’ essential role in shaping societies.

“Our mother’s selflessness, resilience, and unwavering dedication serve as the foundation of our thriving communities. Through their tireless efforts, our mothers create a nurturing environment where families thrive, and the community flourishes. I thank Pwani Oil for their gesture”, she said.

Pwani Oil Eastern Team lead Everlyn Kariuki said,

“As a company, we extend our heartfelt wishes to all the incredible mothers in Malili, Kenya and beyond. Kindly, consider this a tribute to your immeasurable impact and a recognition of your profound role in shaping communities and enriching lives”

The celebration centred around honouring extraordinary mothers who have made significant contributions to their families and the community at large. Each woman in attendance received a specially curated hamper as a token of gratitude and admiration for their exceptional deeds, symbolizing the company’s appreciation for their remarkable efforts.

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Furthermore, the attendees were treated to exclusive discounts on Pwani Oil products, offering them an opportunity to explore and experience the extraordinary quality and value that Pwani Oil brings to their daily lives. All items on offer sold out, underlining the confidence the buyers have in Pwani Oil products. The event also showcased the company’s diverse range of high quality products, including the renowned Salit, Detrex, and Sawa, as well as the beloved Ushindi brand. Attendees had the privilege of firsthand experience with Pwani Oil’s outstanding offerings.

The company reaffirmed its commitment to refining the lives of the communities it serves and demonstrated its deep appreciation for the extraordinary women who play a vital role in shaping society and enriching lives.

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