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Kenyan motorists to start paying road toll charges from July

Toll Charges in Kenya: Motorists are are set to start paying toll charges in Kenya from July. Already the government is preparing a new law ahead of the financial year on toll fees. The law is expected to guide the introduction of toll charges on local highways.

According to a report that appeared in the Business Daily, the National Treasury published draft regulations to guide the establishment of a fund.

“Mr. David Pkosing, the chairperson of the National Assembly committee on transport said onTuesday that Parliament, which resumed its session yesterday, would prioritize debate and passage of the proposed rules,” the report says.

The list of highways, where motorists may soon start paying includes Nairobi-Nakuru, Nairobi-Mombasa, Nairobi-Thika and Nairobi’s Southern Bypass.

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The report by Business Daily further says as follows:

The Kenya National Highways Authority (KenHA) had last year recommended between Sh. 6 – Sh. 30 per kilometre to use the Nairobi-Nakuru-Mau Summit road in varying fees based on the capacity of the vehicle. Motorists who do not wish to use the toll highways can still rely on other roads connecting the towns to the capital but will have to cope with heavy snarl-ups.

If implemented, the new charges, which amount to a new layer of taxation, will see motorists pay toll charges on top of the fuel levy despite the fact that roads are funded using tax revenues. The roads maintenance and fuel levies were also introduced in the place of toll fees.

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Roads tolls were initially introduced in Kenya in the late 1980s, but were scrapped in the mid-1990s in favour of the Roads Maintenance Levy to eliminate corruption at local toll stations. The levy is currently charged at Sh. 18 per litre for petrol and diesel.

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